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  • SPOT (Saving Pets One at a Time) - Interview Article - 2019
  • Equine & Canine News - Interview Article - 2018
  • Animal Communication & Healing Lecture - San Diego Humane Society - 2018
  • Speaker at the San Diego Cat Fanciers Expo - Del Mar - 2018
  • Good Morning San Diego - KUSI News Interview for Cat Fanciers Expo - 2017
  • Interview Empire Radio-NY - Being An Animal Communicator - 2017
  • Good Morning San Diego - KUSI News Interview - 2017
  • Pet Scene Magazine - March/April 2017
  • Radio interview of Cindy by Rev. Dr. Philip on his show - 2013
  • Animal Communication & Healing Class - Escondido Humane Society - 2009
  • Judge on WETV - America's Cutest Puppy - 2007
  • North County Times - Woofstock Interview - 2007
  • Today's Local News - Escondido's Pet Whisperer - 2005
  • Cindy's Pet Talk Radio Show - WE Intenet Radio - 2003
  • The Star Beacon - The Gift: An Animal Communicator’s Story - 2003
  • Live interview by Jer (Jerry Cesak from the Jeff & Jer Radio Show) during a San Diego Humane Society fund raising event before giving Jer's dog a live on-air session - 2002


  • Clients throughout the U.S.A
  • International clients from around the world including Canada, Japan, Europe, Africa, Australia, etc.



Jeanne - Quilcene, WA
So Kind and Helpful to Our Pets.
Cindy has the most important qualifcations - in my opinion - for an animal communicator: she is kind, gentle, loving, and intelligent. Put yourself in your pet's shoes, so to speak. Imagine that a strange voice suddenly starts talking to you in your head. Now imagine that voice is telling you what and what not to do, or asking you questions. If that voice is not kind and loving - it will FREAK YOU OUT! it will do more harm than good. That is why Cindy is so wonderful and so unusual. She cares, and that comes through . I could tell, by what she said, and what my dog and cat each said back to her. I love the way she s, workeither saying what you have asked, or just going free form. She writes everything down and then emails you the transcript, so you can treasure it, read it again later, and really understand what was said by your pet. There are lots of animal communicators out there, with varying levels of abilities. For me, Cindy is among the cream of the crop.


Sasha - Escondido, CA
Cindy is Amazing!
I have had so many positive experiences with both communication and healing for my cats and dog with Cindy's ability to communicate with my pets, both alive and departed. Cindy has enabled me to communicate my concerns I've had about them throughout the years as well as let me know theirs, both emotional and physical. I have used Cindy's healing services for health issues my pets have had in the past both prior to or in tandem with taking them to the vet. She also helped me and my cat when it was time to help him transition into the spirit world both by letting me know when he was ready to be put down and his messages to me after he passed. I highly recommend Cindy and will continue to use her services. I have recommended her to other family members and friends for animal communication and healing and everyone has had very positive experiences. I have no need to look for any other pet communicator.


Elisa - Las Vegas, NV
Awesome healer!
We are so grateful to have Cindy in our lives! She has done amazing work on our dog Sunny. He has had bouts of colitis which is very painful. She was able to help him. I love how Cindy is able to communicate with Sunny, she really has a special gift. I know Sunny is much happier and has more peace which I attribute to prayer and Cindys help. I would highly recommend her to anyone who has animals. I believe you'll love her as much as we do. She has so much compassion and a heart of gold.


Monica - Mandeville, South Africa
Brought peace
With both my Princes Cindy brought me peace to my soul/spirit. I was torn apart with grief that I did not do enough for them, that I could in my small insigni\cant way prevented them crossing over. The hole their leaving left in my life was so deep and intense....Till I had Cindy talk to them and through her I understood more about life and crossing the rainbow bridge than I ever did before. Now I still talk to them without feeling guilty, not that I do not miss them anymore, but with Cindy's help I know they are still around me and not only that, that they are so special in helping pets of friends of mine to cross over and and adapt to a complete other lifestyle. Now I know they are safe and not angry at me as this is the cycle of life we all have to go through. Blessings Lady Cindy and thank you for all the Blessings you give to the animals and their human parents. Lori
* Lori - Oceanside, CA
Therapeutic riding instructor
Cindy is amazing! There is not enough time to tell you how talented she is! Cindy has done numerous readings for my animals that have crossed over or that had some type of special need due to a shelter trauma. One that stands out is a cat I saved from going to the county shelter. He was abandoned in a parking lot and he was a senior. After getting Paddington home I realized he was a very mean cat. Cindy did a reading and after that not only did he stop hissing and growling at us but he let us brush him. Cindy is a true angel and we are SO blessed to have her in our lives- 2 and four footed friends included! If you have questions or need any type of help with an animal friend she is the one to call! Lisa Mar. 01,
* Christy - Westminster, CA
She's helped us so much, she's part of our family now.
Where do I begin. We met Cindy several years ago when we brought a rescue into our home. My female dog did not appear to appreciate the newest female member of our family. I sent pictures to Cindy of all 3 of my dogs and didn't tell her anything else about them other then their gender and name. She told me things about my dogs that only people living in our household would know. Each dog's personality and their funny little habits. She is an amazing communicator and a friend to my dogs. Fast forward several years and we are down to just 2 senior American Eskimos. Cindy has helped me and my husband keep close watch on our 2 remaining 18 year old furkids. Without her, we would not have any idea as to how they are feeling, when they are sick or when they are in pain - our furkids speak through Cindy to us so we can better care for them in their old age. We would have assisted our Pomereskie to the bridge a while back - but he told Cindy he wasn't ready yet and he wanted to stay with us as long as he was physically able. We feel blessed to know her and have her not only as a animal professional, but as a family friend. If you want to know what your animal family members are thinking - talk to Cindy. I can't recommend her highly enough.